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  • 1) Generate income: Charge a fee for downloading speech / podcast /     Youtube video transcripts.
  • 2) Future Books: Speakers and podcasters, you can use the exact content,     turn of phrase of speeches & podcasts in books to be published in the future.
        Youtubers, you can use these transcripts to create a Kindle Book that could     be downloaded and read by thousands of your followers.
  • 3) SEO Indexing: Your content will be searchable by keywords / phrases on     Google and Social Media. More people can find your organization / videos     and content by searching online.
  • 4) Social Media: Indexing by hash tags, being a part of the conversation on     Twitter etc., leading to more followers, subscribers and clients.
        Clients, followers, subscribers and potential clients can share highlights as     well as excerpts via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs & more.
  • 5) Improvisations: Speakers, keep your off-the-cuff impromptu speech     improvs from being lost forever.
        Podcasters and Youtubers, immortalize your words in print.
  • 6) Upload your Transcripts to your Website: Being part of the conversation     on Twitter, etc., you can post a link to the transcripts on your website and     Youtube channel, where they can be downloaded.
  • 7) Newsletters: You can include links to downloadable transcripts in your     newsletters.
  • 8) Bring in New Audiences: Transcripts will bring in new audiences because     they can see at a glance the topics covered.
        People will have the ability to skim and read passages that will engage them     at the outset.

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Prevent your Speech Improvisations from Being Lost Forever
Your Impromptu Speeches / Ad Libs / Improvisations during prepared speeches are like brilliant guitar riffs that could be lost forever.

  • One day when Slash from Guns 'n Roses was in a jam session with the band members he happened to play a brilliant, off-the-cuff guitar riff.
    These sessions were not usually recorded and he would not have been able to repeat that exact progression of chords or arrangement, but luckily they just happened to be recording this time.
    That guitar riff became the intro to the hit Sweet Child O' Mine.

Keynote speakers are carefully chosen and are often the highlight of an evening. Unfortunately, due to the transient nature of a speech, if a record of it is not kept, it is at risk of fading from collective memory without leaving a lasting legacy.

Imagine the world’s great cultural loss if certain speeches throughout history had not been preserved for posterity. Plato’s "Apology of Socrates,” Lincoln’s momentous Gettysburg Address, and Snoop Dogg’s roast of Donald Trump on Comedy Central would all have been lost to history.
Okay, so perhaps some speeches are better off forgotten! But with the tools that today’s technologies offer, transcribing your keynote speech is now easier than ever, and it’s a great way to ensure that your words live on.

We believe there are many reasons to transcribe keynote addresses. Not only does transcription amplify the impact of such speeches by making them more widely available, it shows respect and appreciation for your speakers.

Other benefits include:

Increase Your Reach:

If your address was heard by the 400 people at your event its scope and influence is limited to those individuals (some of whom may have been distracted and missed the good parts!).
And what about those who couldn’t be there? Simply posting a transcript of the speech online is a fantastic way to reach an exponentially greater audience of potential clients and fans.

Generate Publicity:

You are proud of the address your keynote speaker gave.
It was a charming and accurate reflection of your organization, and it embodied the spirit of your event. But why let its impact end there?
Once recorded and transcribed, your keynote can be more than the highlight of a great evening - it can be an excellent and lasting source of positive publicity.

Making your keynote speeches searchable and readily available to people who are interested in learning more about your event is an excellent form of organic marketing,
and a great way to give people outside your organization a window into what it’s like on the inside.

Build a Historical Archive:

Remember the time your company’s CEO gave a keynote speech while holding his infant daughter in his arms?
What about the inspirational keynote speech at your conference two years ago that concluded with a spontaneous conga line?
Don’t let these magic moments fade into oblivion. Archiving transcriptions of your keynote speeches helps foster a feeling of history and community
within your organization by making sure that important events are recorded. Keeping such a timeline is also an invaluable way of remembering where you’ve been, how far you’ve come, and where your organization is going.

Showcase Your Technological Savvy:

These days, Internet users are accustomed to having a wealth of searchable knowledge and information at their fingertips.
The full text of a politician’s speech often seems as though it is available online before they have even stepped down from the podium.
Don’t disappoint those who would be interested in reading your speaker’s scintillating remarks if they were only made accessible. Ensure that your company keeps current with industry trends by offering the text of your keynote speeches online.

Set the Record Straight:

As President John F. Kennedy said during his inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can…something-something.” 
In other words, our memories are not perfect—especially our collective memories. It’s possible that someone who was at your event loved your keynote speaker and particularly enjoyed the gist of some brilliant remarks that he or she made—but didn’t recall them exactly.
Making a transcript of the speech available allows those interested to search for a particularly meaningful passage from your speaker’s address. It also ensures that your speaker’s precise words and meaning are preserved for posterity
—which may also help to clear up any potential misunderstandings down the line.
Don’t let someone get away with telling people that your speaker quoted Janice Dickinson when they really quoted Emily Dickinson. A tangible, official written record of what was actually said can be helpful for many reasons—and it allows you take and keep ownership of your valuable content.

A Transcript Shows Respect for Your Speaker & their Hard Work:

Giving a keynote address is a significant and meaningful act. Your keynote speaker worked hard to prepare their speech in the hope that it would inspire their audience. What better sign of respect for your speaker than to ensure the longevity of their words by making a transcribed copy of their speech readily available?
Not only that, but your speaker will be excited to be able to share a copy of their address with colleagues, friends and family, increasing the number of people it reaches. Many keynote speakers keep records of the speeches they’ve given on their personal websites—which is another great place for your company’s keynote speech and may put you in front of a brand new audience you might not otherwise reach.

More In-depth Marketing Advantages

  • The speeches can be indexed by Search Engines, which will help more people find your organization by searching online.
  • The transcripts will bring in new audiences because they can see at a glance what topics are covered in the speech—which a synopsis cannot do as easily. People having the ability to skim and read passages from it is more likely to engage them at the outset.
  • Makes it easier for the highlights of your speech to be shared and excerpted via email and social media by those who enjoyed it.

Now that you have decided to have your keynote speech transcribed, what should you keep in mind?

Taking these simple steps will help you ensure that you have the best quality audio file of your keynote speech—which can be transformed into the best quality transcription file!

  • Make sure the recording device is as close to the speaker as possible to minimize distracting audience and background noises.
  • Whenever possible, use a dedicated audio recording device.
    In cases where a smartphone is being used to record, consider a microphone attachment.
  •  Ensure that your audience is aware that this speech will be available online, so that those who are interested know that they can find it there later.






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