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We have a flat rate per audio minute that is very competitive.
Pleaase contact us today for a quote.

Time codes are free.

Our flat rate remains the same no matter how many speakers or type of audio, includes proofreading and any necessary terminology research.

Our per audio minute rate allows you to calculate ahead of time how much each project will be.

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We look forward to hearing from you via e-mail or phone, or send your files through our dedicated upload page, it's that easy!

What differentiates us from other transcription services:

1)    Our per minute rate means that you can calculate up front exactly how much each project will be and it        does not depend on the speed of the typist.

2)   You only pay for the minutes transcribed - if there are parts you don't want transcribed, send us the time        codes and they will be deducted from the minutes invoiced.  For e.g., if you said, "Don't transcribe from        time code 1:30 to 5:00), etc.

3)   They often outsource to freelancers, sometimes in foreign countries where the transcriptionists are not        native English speakers, whereas we do all the transcription ourselves. We proofread and double check        every transcript before it is sent out.

4)   We provide high quality, very accurate transcripts when compared to the original audio. 
      Some transcription services rush through and you will have a transcript that in many places does not       accurately reflect the audio, with many sentences that do not make sense.

5)   When there is a phrase, etc., that is absolutely inaudible, that part will be marked (inaudible-54:00), i.e.       with a time code.

6)   We do whatever is necessary to provide an accurate transcript, including as much time as necessary       researching terms, spelling, etc. on Google to make sure it's correct.

Tips for creating clear recordings:

  • Recording in a controlled environment such as an office or a room, with all windows closed and no background noise. 
  • If all the participants are miked, it greatly improves the quality of the recording.
  • Avoid conducting interviews / recording in public places such as cafés, restaurants, coffee shops (a lot of background noise) and outdoor locations (the voices fade).

If you like, you can also provide us with:

  • Names of speakers and a brief summary of the topic being discussed
  • A copy of the event agenda, if applicable
  • Any relevant website links

How long it takes to transcribe audio:

It takes 4-5 hours to transcribe one hour of good quality audio (clear speakers, no muffling / overlapping) and 5-6 hours or more to transcribe poor quality audio (overlapping speakers, muffled voices etc.)





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