Recording Tips:
(It's not always possible to decide where an interview will take place or to control the environment or the recording method used, but these tips can be helpful where applicable).

Clear recordings in person:

  • Recording in a controlled environment such as an office or a room, with all windows closed and no background noise. 
  • If all the participants are miked, it greatly improves the quality of the recording.
  • Where possible avoiding conducting interviews / recording in public places such as cafés, restaurants, coffee shops (a lot of background noise) and outdoor locations (the voices fade).

Clear recordings on a phone call:

  • To achieve clear phone call recordings it's best to use a smartphone & a digital recorder (see set up details below).

  • We advise against recording from speakerphone, as this results in a lot of audio distortion on the recording (it can sound as if they're speaking Klingon!).
    Even if at the time of the phone call they sound clear to you on speakerphone, it will not be like that in the recording.

This is because the recording components can not accommodate the dynamic range and the strongest portions of the signal are cut off - see this Media College article for more information:

What you will need and how to set up your smartphone and digital recorder:

1) Plug this splitter (or any similar splitter) into the headset jack on the top of your smartphone.
One port goes to the headset that comes with the smartphone. A higher quality headset can be used as well, it needs to have a microphone on it.

Click on the image below for a purchase link / more details:

2) Plug your smartphone headset into one port of the splitter.

3) This cable connects your smartphone to the recorder (one end is plugged into the splitter on your smartphone, the other end is plugged into the mic in jack on the digital recorder).

Click on the image below for a purchase link / more details:

Other Useful Software Links

Need help with your files?

1. DVDVideosoft software allows you to split audio from video, leaving original video file intact
(create separate MP3 audio file from video) - free software download.

2. MP3MyMp3 software allows you to record in real time into MP3 format (create MP3 audio file)
- free software download.



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