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“Highly recommended! DigitalXcription provides high quality, reliable, accurate transcripts.”

Robert Draper
National Geographic Author
New York Times Magazine Writer
GQ Magazine Correspondent
Bestselling Author


“DigitalXcription is fast, efficient and meticulously accurate.  They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them for any transcription job.”

Jonathan Keats
Freelance Journalist
Forbes Life, Popular Science, Wired Magazine.


“DigitalXcription saved my life, I mean it. I highly recommend using DigitalXcription for your transcription needs.
I worked with them via e-mail, sending voice recordings of interviews for my dissertation.
Despite the recordings containing static from the phone and strong accents of many of the interviewees because they were non-native English speakers, DigitalXcription did a fantastic job of accurately transcribing the interviews.
Furthermore, they were all returned typically within less than 24 hours, which made it easy to press forward with my dissertation. DigitalXcription is flexible in formatting and open to feedback. I will contact them for all of my future transcribing needs and recommend them every chance I get - I believe that strongly in the work they did for me.”

Jennifer Vaughn
Doctoral Candidate, University of New Mexico
Research Associate, McREL


“After recording a lengthy client meeting, I researched many transcription services to find the best price with the quickest turnaround.
DigitalXcription offered far better prices than any other service I spoke with!
To add to that, the service was friendly, the turnaround time was quick, and we were very pleased with the readability and detail of the transcription.”

Karen Maylone
Project Manager
Canright Communications
Chicago, IL


"As a Doctoral Student who needed interviews transcribed clearly and accurately so they could be coded and analyzed, I was so nervous about them not getting done in time for me to meet my deadlines. DigitalXcription was fast, efficient and reliable from the first interview to the last, transcribing 8 interviews for me and each one was professional and true to the recording. My interviews came back in an incredibly professional looking Word document, which was very helpful.
I would highly recommend DigitalXcription to anyone needing transcription services."

Kerry Essakow
Doctoral Candidate
Alliant International University
San Diego, CA


"DigitalXcription is fast, accurate, and professional. The effort that is put into ensuring that each transcription is complete shows that they truly care about their work.
DigitalXcription always manages to produce excellent transcripts, even from recordings that are of poor quality, and their turnaround time always exceeds my expectations.
I plan to use DigitalXcription for my future projects, and highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a transcriber."

Craig Horning
Freelance Writer
Los Angeles, CA


“When we first came to DigitalXcription, we were in complete panic.  
We had several digital recordings that needed to be completed and we had no one to transcribe them.
The recordings were not the normal officer / attorney interviews, these recordings were difficult to make out and we can only imagine that they were difficult to transcribe.  
We sent the recordings to DigitalXcription via email and received them back two days later.  
We were delighted to find their services and help.  
DigitalXcription has the best turn around time that any company can offer.
The rates are reasonable and the service is amazing.
I’m glad we can depend on their professional services for confidentiality, efficiency and 24-hour access at a super low price.
Thank you DigitalXcription!”

Laura A. Cardenas
Managing Legal Assistant
Roth & Roth Attorneys
Scottsdale, AZ


“My experience with DigitalXcription has been fantastic! Below is a bulleted list of
some highlights of my work with them:

  • I found them on Craigslist in late November 2007 and have sent them assignments every month since then.
  • I have communicated with them online, via e-mail and sending files
    has been very easy, via FTP.
  • DigitalXcription has primarily been responsible for transcribing digital audio files
    for the work I do, which is external evaluation of math and science
    education programs.
  • They have transcribed many interviews, some of which are heavy in science
    research jargon. Some have been one on one, many more have been focus group
    interviews with up to 10 people participating in the session. Groups have
    included parents, research faculty, and students. The length of the transcripts has varied from a few minutes to over 2 hours for one focus group session.
  • The quality of the transcripts have been superb.
  • Communication and ability to keep me informed on status have been

Additional special qualities that I have not seen in other transcription companies I've worked with:

  • I do not need to change the format of my recordings in order for them to be
    transcribed. I currently record in WMA format.
  • DigitalXcription has never missed a deadline that has been promised.
  • They maintains a list of terms and names so they don't have to continue to
    ask me about them. So DigitalXcription invests time in learning the projects, and I
    currently send audio for roughly 13 different programs.
  • DigitalXcription offered to put the transcripts in specific font, size, and style so
    that I can more easily incorporate them in my reports, proving they really
    care about making things easier in their clients' lives.

I have no concerns at this point, and as an external evaluator, that is rare.

I would recommend DigitalXcription with the highest confidence.”

Dawayne Whittington
Strategic Evaluations Inc.
Durham, NC


“DigitalXcription is a great transcription service. They provide fast turnaround time, high quality work and an affordable price. I highly recommend DigitalXcription!”

Devon Berkheiser
Ph.D. Student


“I can't say enough great things about DigitalXcription. They single-handedly saved my thesis project by transcribing hours of interviews on a tight deadline. They are both professional and personable. I wish I had discovered their services earlier!”

Jen Cooper
Doctoral Candidate


“We’ve used DigitalXcription on several occasions and have always been very pleased with their dedication to quality, accuracy and reasonable pricing. I highly recommend the service!”

Brian Ross
Third Wave Communications
Vancouver, B.C.


“DigitalXcription has provided exceptional services from even the roughest audio captures. If you need audio-based reports, interviews, discoveries, or even conversations converted to text then we highly recommend DigitalXcription!”

Todd Plesco
Plesco Publishing


“DigitalXcription rocks!”

Dave Bolick
Dave Bolick Communications


“As an investigative reporter working on complex public health issues, I have used several transcription services over the years. When I switched to Digitalxcription things got easier.  Their work is extremely accurate, they have even verified questionable spelling of scientific and medical terms and unusual names. Their rates and turnaround are very competitive and they respond to crisis deadlines most cheerfully!”

Andrew Schneider
Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Reporter


“They did a wonderful job with our transcriptions. Accurate. Fast turnaround. Thanks, DigitalXcription!”

Tom Benedek


“DigitalXcription transcription service has always delivered my audio from video transcriptions on time and with great detail.  I’ve had some where there were 3 people at times and they did an excellent job of keeping up with who was talking throughout the transcription… absolutely blew me away.  Always great communication and delivery.  Would recommend to anyone considering quick and professional transcription services.!”

Mickey Smith
Visibility Management


“DigitalXcription was an absolute pleasure to work with, making sure I never once had to worry about accuracy or turn-around time. They are efficient, professional and willing to make themselves available when time is an issue. I definitely recommend their services!”

Eric Gutierrez
Author: Disciples of the Street
& The Moro Conflict


“I am a professional writer and, over the years, have used DigitalXcription for numerous transcription projects and highly recommend their services. They always turn my projects around quickly, even when their workload is heavy, and the transcripts are accurate and easy to read. On some projects, the recordings I send are less than perfect, yet they always comes through with excellent transcripts. Their rates are reasonable and they are consummate professionals. You can’t go wrong hiring DigitalXcription for your next transcription project!”

Bobbie Hasselbring
Writer - winner Canadian Culinary Journalism Award
& Northern Lights Award
Editor - Real Food Traveler


“DigitalXcription provided a wonderful transcription of an audio interview that was full of background noises, multiple speakers and to top it off, an interviewee whose accent made my attempts at transcribing frustrating... If it weren't for DigitalXcription's help I'd never have finished my project!”

Matt M.


“I began working with DigitalXcription back in 2008 and I can tell you positively... DigitalXcription ROCKS! I'm a professional speaker and am always in need of having my presentations transcribed (and often on short notice!). And whenever I call on DigitalXcription for their services they go over and beyond in delivering first-class service... on time and for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend them!”

Robin Creasman
a.k.a. the RockStar Speaker


“I used their services to transcribe my focus group studies. They delivered high quality transcription with very fast return and their charge is also very reasonable. I definitely recommend their service!”

Joann Gu


We have done transcription for murder investigations by the L.A.P.D., Internal Affairs investigations by the L.A.P.D., transcription of audio for criminal defense attorneys, entertainment interviews, research interviews for books and a wide variety of other projects over the past 15 years.

We have typed dissertation interviews for Ph.D. students in: Calgary, Seattle, Detroit, Canby, San Diego, Denver, Georgia, San Francisco, Brooklyn, New York City, Irvine, Vancouver, Washington D.C. & many more.
We have clients all across the U.S. and Canada. Anything you need transcribed we can do.






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